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Aerial Application and Agricultural Services

Apex Helicopters offers precision aerial application services in Texas and other nearby states. Helicopters are a particularly strong choice for the application process because of their unparalleled accuracy and versatility. For that reason, Apex uses helicopters for all of its aerial applications. In addition, with our mobile chemical trailers we both refuel and reload chemical on site, reducing ferry time and increasing production. Our aircraft are equipped with advanced technology including DGPS satellite guidance, data capture, and flow control metering. These technologies ensure the most accurate and effective aerial application.


• Brush and Weed Control
• Right-of-Way
• Aquatic Plant Control
• Mosquito Abatement
• Fire Ant Broadcasting
• Aerial Seeding
• Fungicide, Herbicide, and Pesticide Application

We utilize the Robinson R44 Series Helicopter for our application services. With this aircraft we carry up to 80 gallons of chemical. We also vary our application rate depending on the specific coverage desired by the client.

Our chemical support trailers allow us to load of chemical and fuel on site, reducing the time spent flying back to the airport to reload and refuel. This increases productivity, cuts the time required to complete the job, and reduces overall cost.

GPS and Flow Control

Our AG-NAV® Guia GPS guidance system consists of an intelligent moving map display and LED lightbar. This system gives the pilot real-time mapping of chemical application along with precision guidance. All flight data and chemical application data is stored in the system where it can be later downloaded and output to a map for the customer.

Apex also uses flow rate controllers in our spray systems. This instrument controls the rate of flow of the chemical, adjusting the flow when the airspeed of the helicopter changes to ensure a constant application rate. This gives us greater flexibility to fly at slower airspeeds when maneuvering over difficult terrain while still maintaining a specific application rate.

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